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What is Arduino and what can it do?

A while back, the opensource hardware craze broke out and from this opensource hardware craze the Arduino development board was created. It brings the world of electronics to the general public letting people create custom devices for their direct needs. The Arduino Uno is among some of the most popular and it lets you develop almost any idea you have and after you have developed your idea, the Arduino shield range lets you add on functionality within seconds.

Whether you are looking at starting a new Arduino project, buying a 3D printer or looking at some digital electronic kits for learning purposes, our range covers almost every aspect of prototyping electronics. From development boards to sensors to robotics, and best of all it is all compatible with the Arduino. South Africa is quickly embracing this new technology as a result of its contribution to efficiency and accessibility.

We also provide Arduino programming services, so if you would like to start a new Arduino project, feel free to contact us and we will get you started. Many find robotics programming quite challenging but using the Arduino makes it a breeze.

Among the prototyping tools and digital electronics kits, we sell our 3D printer range that contains the popular Makerbot Replicator which is currently a leader in the market. If you are in the market to buy a 3D printer, look no further.

Want to build a flying robot?

Perhaps you have wanted to take aerial photographs but the exorbitant costs made it impossible. With our multirotor hardware, open source UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicle) brings the power of robotics and aeronautics to your fingertips with little to no knowledge, except for knowing how to assemble the components. We also have FPV transmitters and receivers that let you see exactly what your quadcopter is seeing. This allows you to experience the movement and explore environments like never before in a way that only your robot, ground vehicle or quadcopter can and you will be able to do all this without leaving one spot.

Netram Technologies is a supplier of electronic components, prototyping tools, Arduino development boards, electronic components and much more. We also provide professional development and prototyping services and we pride ourselves in customer service and client relations.

We have many more exciting products that are sure to amaze you. To view our complete range and find answers to your questions visit our website or contact us today!